JVsquad.us Photograph License

Creative Commons License

So we really like to take pictures...or at least Justin does...and more than a few people we know like to look at and download them. Since we are already tagging and uploading the pictures to the our gallery, why not share them with others who may appreciate them? So up most of them go for any and all to enjoy, observe and learn about the places we have visited, print, re-share, create artistic works, and have for ever and ever! In general, just don't use them in commercial applications and without attributing. Details below.

Photographs on this website (almost nearly exclusively in the gallery) fall into one of three categories:

  1. (1) Travel, cooking, and other photos (the bulk).
  2. (2) The main subject is a work by another person: art, menus, maps, products, labels, display signs, et cetera.
  3. (3) Contains an easily recognizable person: one of us, family members, friends, or someone we know.

(1) Default License

Since we want to share our experiences with as many people as possible, photos in the first category have been licensed under a variant of the Creative Commons license. Specifically:

"This work by Justin and Victoria at www.jvsquad.us is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.jvsquad.us/licensing.html."

Basically, this means we share the photograph(s) with you, but:

  1. Please give us credit: "Justin and Victoria at www.jvsquad.us".
  2. No commercial uses, such as selling it, advertising, et cetera.
  3. If you modify and wish to distribute your modification, you must use a similar license (click on license button up above).

A simple description of the license with more details may be found by clicking on license image at the beginning of this page.

(2) Files Tagged With "edupic"

Photos which contain as the main/only subject a work created by someone else are tagged with "edupic". This could be a recent (less than ~100 years old) work of art, a map of the area, a menu or schedule, a brochure, or a museum display or sign of some kind. In many cases, the subject is copyrighted by its creator or owner. These photos are tagged "edupic" and the photo is for informational and educational use only: you are not free to distribute or do anything else besides save, view and print it for yourself.

In some cases we may have been over cautious, just let us know at photos [at ] jvsquad [dot.] us.

(3) Files Tagged With "pii"

Photos which contain a recognizable person, a car's registration plate, or some other personally identifiable information are restricted to friends and family. In such cases the photo is tagged "pii" and the photo is a) not for any type of distribution, as per "edupic" files, and b) should be in one of the private galleries. Friends and family members please note, if you have access to the private galleries, please do not re-post or share photos tagged "pii" on the internet! Doing so would be rude and we would be forced to disown you. :-(

Alternate Uses / Permissions

If you wish to use one of our photos in a commercial capacity, or some other way which falls outside the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, we will very likely say 'yes'! Please contact us at photos [at ] jvsquad [dot.] us.

In some cases we may have been over cautious, just let us know at photos[at ]jvsquad[dot.]us .